Thursday, January 23, 2014

K&K in Austin!

Excuse the quiet here on the blog this month, it's been a busy one! And clearly I am no good at documenting it. Where the hell has January gone? It's like... the end. The first month of the new year is already over? WHAT?

2014 graced us with our first sickness of the year. And I mean SICK. Stomach virus, hugging the toilet and puking your life away style. I got it first, then Kristy up in Dallas (who was here for the weekend, more on this later. Sorry you always get sick when you visit!), then Brendon. It was crazy. I haven't had a stomach virus since I was a freshman in college and boy does it suck! I hate puking. I know no one likes it, but jeeze you guys, I hate hate hate it. Along with the nausea came a fever and body aches, so awesome. Luckily the worst seems to be over and now I'm just achy and exhausted beyond reason. But I'll take it over feeling pukey any day. Mind if I say puke again? It's a fun word.

ANYWAY, what this post is really about, is Kristy and Kennedy coming to visit! They were here over the weekend and it was very awesome. I can't say enough how lame it is to live hours away from your best friend, but luckily every time we get together it's like no time has passed and we just pick up where we left off.

The weather was absolutely wonderful while they were here, so we took advantage on Sunday and spent as much time outside as possible. We flew tried to fly a kite at Zilker, walked around downtown, and then walked around the Drag and did a little shopping. Cutest thing ever? Kennedy thought the Frost Bank Building looked like the ice castle from Frozen. I mean, seriously? ADORABLE. And it kind of does! I wonder if they thought of the ice thing when designing it. It is FROST Bank after all. It will now forever be known as the ice castle. Anyway, I made the mistake of telling her we could go inside and check it out. She was SUPER stoked and wanted to see if Anna and Elsa were home. It was a Sunday and that bank was definitely closed. There were tears. I am the worst.

There was NO wind whatsoever when we went to fly the kite. Kristy did an excellent job of keeping it in the air by running, but that sucker would not stay up there on it's own. Kennedy did some kite flying on the ground. She drug that kite for a good 100 yards. But she had fun, and that's what matters! Also, this is her "smile for the camera" face:

We also went to Juice Land (my first time, HOW HAVE I NEVER BEEN?) for smoothies and Walton's for lunch. Oh dear lord, Walton's has this spinach salad, y'all. It's life changing. I'm still thinking about it. Kennedy had a chocolate muffin, clearly:

It was a fabulous weekend with my favorite Dallas ladies! Contrary to the illness we gave you, Austin loves you and wants you to visit whenever. Again, so sorry about the illness. That part sucked, I know. Let's all feel better riiiiight... NOW.

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