Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013

By popular demand, the Christmas 2013 post! Forgive me for being extra behind on my blogging. Can we just write it off as December being the busiest month of the year?

Christmas for the Hogans is always an event. We have four Christmases to squeeze in and it's always a little crazy. Good crazy. Christmas Eve we do with Brendon's momma and brother, Christmas morning with my mom and sister, Christmas afternoon with my dad, step-momma, and step-bro, and Christmas night we have our own. And we both worked Christmas Eve. Cray cray! But always wonderful and always worth it. But forgive me this year, I did not take a lot of photos. My energy level was sub par due to December being iNsAnE. Also my camera is still acting funny (??? dropped it too many times? too much flour and sugar all over it? whyyyy??), so the quality has been frustratingly meh lately. But there's a few!

Ask and you shall receive, Jules. AND CAT IN THE PAPER:

Can we talk about that "cellulose sponges" box and how many Christmases and birthdays it's seen? Best box ever. Also, this is my "YAY, COOKING UTENSILS!" face.


OH, so my mom and I made these AWESOME little danishy things and they were incredibly easy and reeeeeeally good. Mom, send me dat recipe! It's just slices of canned croissant dough with sugary cream cheese and preserves on top, plus icing. Winner!

And the only photo from Christmas at my daddios (slackerdom was really kicking in):

PAPA LUCHADOR! AY AY! We got him this luchador mask like MONTHS before Christmas and it was decently hilarious. Also scary.

So again, sorry about the lack of photos. Your girl was sleepy. I assure you it was magical and wonderful and full of my favorite people in the world. It was a fantastic Christmas, followed by two more days off! I had a strike of genius and decided to take a day of vacation the week of Christmas so, three days off! First time since August. It was perfect. Having the two days after Christmas off with Brendon to do absolutely nothing (seriously, I'm not sure we even left the house on the 26th) was the best. Best best best. We have worked the day after Christmas since we've been in Austin and having it off was SO NICE. 100% worth working Christmas Eve. And now we know.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas if you celebrated and a relaxing Wednesday if you didn't. I know I owe the internet more posts, and they're coming I promise! For the three of you who read this regularly. (52 weeks of baking recap! 2013 review! New Years! Etc!) I no longer have the responsibility of blogging weekly with a baked something or another, so I'm going to have to work on becoming interesting so I can still fill my corner of the web with blabber. Because I know you'd miss me.


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