Monday, September 12, 2016

Port Aransas 2016

Port Aransas! How I love you, you weird little place, you. This weekend we went to Port A with Brendon's mama and his brother AJ to celebrate AJ's FIFTEENTH birthday. I remember AJ in diapers, so it's a weird but cool thing seeing him as a (very tall!) young man. We had such a good time. Port Aransas is such a relaxing place. Every time we go I love it more.

And we were obviously super excited to take our little fish to see the ocean! I had a feeling Indiana would like it, as she looooves any sort of water, but goodness, she LOOOOVED the ocean. She was all about it. I thought maaaaybe the waves would scare her, but NOPE. We sat her on the edge to test it out and she was happy as a clam, so we figured we'd try farther out. We jumped in the waves with that baby out in the ocean! She was in heaven. Smiling and laughing and doing those happy screams. I guess when you nickname your unborn child the Seahorse... Destined to love the water.

So here are the pictures! Of course there's a ton.

I love this picture of these two. Too cool for school. We got Indiana some rec spec style sunglasses so she couldn't pull them off and eat them. They were definitely not the most flattering things in the world, but they worked really well! And she looked hilarious.

The view from our condo balcony! Casa Condominiums is our favorite place to stay in Port A, and we've stayed at a lot of different condos. This was our second time there and seriously, I don't think we'll stay anywhere else! It is SO close to the beach, the shortest walk of any condo I've stayed in. The rooms are great (huge kitchens), all of them have a good view, and the whole place isn't that big so no matter which room you're in, you're close to the beach. Some condos, I swear, you spend most of your time walking through the resort to get to the other side! Anyway, that's my schpeal. Best place in Port A.

The sleepy head birthday boy and Indiana, also a sleepy head. AJ is the sweetest fifteen year old I know. He was so good with Indy! It was awesome getting a whole weekend with Deb and AJ. We live far enough away from family that we don't get to see them regularly, so this was a treat! I loved seeing Indiana with them.

Okay here comes the onslaught on Indy at the beach photos. And omg, please forgive the dang confederate flag in the background. I was not paying attention when I was taking photos and did not realize that silliness would show up. Our beach neighbors were... special. We are obviously NOT about that, at all.


There was a pretty spectacular storm brewing over the ocean. We got to hear the thunder and watch the lightening, but it was sunny over us!

Hollaaa at my running "tan"! Palest folks on the beach award goes to me and Indy.

Birthday boyyyy! Indiana's like, yo, can I get some of that cake?

Two goooood looking dudes! They look so much alike here! We've been talking about how strong the bones are in Deb's family. Her baby photos look just like Indiana! I'm forever grateful that that baby has my eyes, because dang, she's all daddy.

And of course, the shark mouth photo. Indiana's first!

What a fun weekend! I am a mountain lover at heart, but man, I do love the beach. And traveling with family is aaaaawesome because, more hands to help! Brendon and I even had a "date night" on Friday! We had a blast with Deb and AJ and are already looking forward to next year's birthday trip. What an awesome birthday tradition, lucky kid. ;)

And Indiana was so good. This was her longest car ride (4.5 hours, without pit stops) so we were a little wary. But she was great on the drive down, although... she did had the most massive blow out we've ever experienced half way to the beach! I mean, it was crazy. All the way up to her armpits. She got stripped down in a gas station parking lot, people were laughing. Other than that though, smooth sailing! We left a later than we should have Sunday so she was a little fussy on the home, but really, she did so dang good. She's the best baby to travel with. She's just so happy and loooves exploring and looking at stuff. That being said, traveling with a baby, no matter how easy going, is exhausting. There's just a lot involved. So much STUFF. It's always good to be home and back in your routines again. We've spent the last two weekends out of town, and I'm ready to not go anywhere for a while!

Thanks Port Aransas for a great trip! We love you and will see you soon! Here are our past trips, if you care to walk down memory lane and watch AJ shrink.

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