Sunday, May 24, 2015


Serious face for one of the more serious Disney Princesses. Pocahontas! The first American Disney Princess! Although she is an official Disney Princess she's not technically a "princess". But she is the daughter of the chief, and that's close enough. My sister was a big fan of this movie when we were kids (she even had a cat named Meeko!), but it wasn't really one of my favorites. I'm certain I was still obsessed with Belle. Although I just watched it for this project and the art is really beautiful, the movie is growing on me! Also Christian Bale is in it, WHAT? But real talk, Pocahontas is a pretty badass chick. She canoes off waterfalls, jumps off cliffs, has a slew of wild animal friends, speaks to trees, stops wars, you know, usual badass chick stuff.

Here's something random but Pocahontas related; when running I sing "Just Around the Riverbend" to myself, a lot. Like it's one of my go-to motivation songs. I don't know if it's because we're usually running around the river or what, but that song is always on repeat it my head! I'm weird.

Honestly, I was kind of dreading making this dress. I was like ehhh a brown/tan dress? Not my color. Plus asymmetrical dresses are just not my thing either (I feel that they tend to make boobs look lopsided, no?). But after we watched the movie again I realized her dress is more of a corn silk yellow, so I took that and ran with it. Because really, brown is not my color. At all. So I found a pretty pale yellow linen with matching ivory linen for the trim.

For the pattern I used a highly altered combination of Butterick 4343 (bodice) and Simplicity 1353 (skirt). But I do mean highly altered. I changed the neckline and added a little collar thingy. A flap of fabric around the neckline with added ruffles. I also changed the hem to mimic Pocahontas's "V" shaped skirt. And I added more ruffles. I went with ruffles versus fringe as a trim because, well, fringe is very costumey. And I feel that ruffles are easier for me to pull off. Plus fabric fringe would have been some sort of nightmare to make and not have unravel, ruffles on the other hand are very easy to make. I also think they compliment the linen well. It's kind of like a rustic country dress. Which is more cowgirl than Pocahontas I guess, but hey, I'm Texan. Oh the irony.

Overall I'm very happy with the dress. I expected to not be crazy about it, but it's actually awesome! It fits well, it's made out of comfortable fabric that I can wear on the regular, and I think it's cute! And it doesn't scream Disney Princess. (Or does it? I'm too Disney-fied to tell.) It's a perfect summer dress! As long as it's not pouring rain. Which it almost always is these days.

This is my "EEEE I AM GETTING EATEN ALIVE BY MOSQUITOES" face. Seriously, we were out there for maybe a minute and I look down and there were at least four mosquitoes going to town on my leg. I have yet to discover all the bites, but they just keep appearing. I'm thankful for all the rain, but dang, it's going to be a long summer full of bites.

Speaking of rain, today it was sunny! Which is the reason this post happened. It has rained everyday for as long as I can remember, but today has been lovely! I think it's supposed to start up again tomorrow. This might be the end of our yeaaaars long drought! We are getting some serious rain here in Texas. And there doesn't seem to be any end in sight.

Unfortunately there will be a little break in Disney Princess dress making as we are moving on the first of June, thus my sewing stuff has been all packed up! So now sewing for at least a week or so. I'm already twitching. But I am taking the month of June off to relax and rejuvenate (and sleep), so I'm sure there will be lots of sewing happening once we get settled in. :) I'm pretty stoked about the next Princess, it will be a challenge to make her dress NOT look like a costume. And I like challenges! So until next time folks, wish us luck on moving!

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