Sunday, July 6, 2014

Capulin Volcano

On our way back from Colorado we stopped at the Capulin Volcano in Capulin, NM. We kept saying capuchin (a very cute type of monkey). The coolest part about this place was the seriously amazing view. You can drive up to the top and hike around the entire rim of the volcano, which gives you a 360 degree view of the area. This is super neat because this volcano is right where the great plains meet the mountains, so you're seeing two very different landscapes touch each other. You can see Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Endless plains and the snowy rocky mountains. This was our last view of the rockies, which for me is the hardest part about coming home. Driving away from the mountains hurts and makes me super sad. I'm constantly turning around and checking the mirrors in the car, making sure I can still see the mountains. It's the saddest when they finally disappear.

A big ol' shout out to the Bruce Wayne for being such a rock star road tripper. You've driven us all over the mountains three times now! You're such a good car. We love you, Bruce.

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